ICEP TEFL Training / Vallarta International Academy herein referred to as “ICEP TEFL” or “The Provider”,the applicant,hereinreferred to alsoastheTrainee. In completing the enrollment form, the Trainee understands that she/he agrees to be bound by all ofthe terms andconditions ofservicedescribedinthis document.

A-Notification of Contract

By submitting an enrollment form for the Provider, whether onl ine, in person, through a resell agent or by postal means, you are aware that you are entering into a legal contract between yourself and the Provider and that both parties are bound by the terms and conditions as outlined below.

B- Payment for Tuition and Housing (Refund Policy)

Please note that all outstanding course fees are due in full at latest 30 days prior to the Trainee’s course day. Should the trainee submit the enrollment form at a time later than 30daysthenthefulltuitionwillbedueimmediately.Non-payment ofsaidfeesatthistime will result in the suspension of tuition until such time as full payment has been made, the Provider cannot be held responsible for any detrimental effect this may have to a trainee’s studies.
Should the Trainee wish to withdraw from the course at any time once the course has begun he/she should be aware that none of the fees are refundable in any percentage. Trainees that cancel with anticipation will be afforded refunds for said fees in the following conditions:
0 to 14 days prior to course start date: 0% of paid fees may be refunded.
15 to 29 days prior to coursestart date: 50% of paid fees may be refunded.
30+dayspriortothecoursestartdate:100%ofremainingfees maybe refunded.

C- Postponing

The Trainee canpostpone his/hercourseat anytime before or duringthe coursewithout riskoflosinganyofthefees paidandwillonlyhavetopaya$150USDadministrativefee is the next desired coursedate is more than 60 days away.

D-Data Protection

The Provider will not divulge any personal information submitted by the Trainee either through electronic or other means to any party not directly associated with the Provider’s organization.

E- Student Housing Rules:

  1. The house/apartment is fully furnished. (An inventory will be conducted at the end of the stayto make sureall items areaccounted for)
  2. Please maintain all of the equipment and furniture in the house/apartment in working order. Should something breakdown, please do not attempt to repair it and report it immediately to the school administration.
  3. Pleasekeep the house/apartment clean at all times.
  4. Pleasereport any malfunctions to appliances to the administration immediately.
  5. Trainees will be liable for any damages to the apartment or missing items.
  6. Trainees are not allowed to have visitors over at the student housing under no circumstances.
  7. Any use of illegal narcotics, regardless of the amount, will be immediately reported to the authorities for criminal prosecution as indicated by Mexican Law.
  8. The provider is not responsible for the Trainees personal belongings inside the house/apartment.
  9. The provider is not liable for any accidents that the Trainee may incur while in the house/apartment.
  10. Check-in for Student Housing is between 12:00 and 3:00 PM on the Saturday prior to the course start date and check out is on the Friday of graduation between 3:00 and 6:00 PM

Please note that adherence to these rules are of the utmost importance for the comfort and well-being of the other trainees staying at the student house. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate dismissal from the house. Violation of bullet point 7 will also cause immediate dismissal from the course.

F-Travel Arrangements.

The Provider strongly recommends that travel arrangements should not be made until course placement has been confirmed. The Provider does not accept liability for costs incurred for travel arrangements made without prior acceptance on that course. Travel costs are not included in the advertised course prices. The Provider is not responsible in any way for the Trainee’s general safety or health/wellbeing. The Provider is not responsible for any of trainee ́s personal property or belongings that are lost, damaged or stolen.

G-Health Matters.

The Providerstronglyrecommends that health/traveller’sinsuranceispurchasedpriorto travel. This is not provided in the course fee. The Provider does not accept responsibility or liability for any health matters that may arise during the period of the course. The Provider does not offer heath/traveller’s insurance.

Should the Trainee be forced to withdraw from the course for health reasons over the duration of the course, the Provider, on receipt of doctor’s sick note, will be happy to place the trainee onto a later course no further cost (excepting travel costs and housing if applicable).

H-Breaking the Law

The Provider will not provide any legal assistance nor will become involved if Trainee’s defense should he/she commits a crime or breaks the law.

I-Credit Card/Identity Fraud.

The Provider prosecutes all credit card fraud.

J-Job Guidance/Placement Program.

This program aims to place its graduates with job interviews within four weeks of successful academic completion of the course. In order to achieve this, the trainee must participate fully in all aspects of the program and provide any relevant documentation that may be required.

K-Special Needs.

If the Trainee requires any special assistance, he/she must inform the Provider ahead enrollment in order to ensure that your need may be met.

L- Failure to Complete the Course

Should the Trainee unsuccessfully complete the course for either academic or attendance reasons,0% of tuition or housing is refundable.If the failure was for academic reasons,it may be possible to retake the course at no additional cost,excepting travel expenses and housing.

Under certain exceptional circumstances, a trainee may be expelled from the course. These are outlined below:

  • If a trainee falls below the required number of course input hours during the course through fault of their own.
  • If a trainee fails to attend any of their allocated teaching practices, through fault of their own.
  • If the trainee is found to be inebriated or under the influence of any intoxicating substance,while at the school site.
  • If the trainee is found in possession or narcotics in the classroom or at the student housing.
  • If the trainee is discriminatory in any way (for example: racially, sexually, gender, mentally, physically or verbally) to any member of staff, other trainees, students, teachers or persons on the school premises.
  • If the trainee is verbally or physically abusive in any way to any member of staff,other trainees, students, teachers or persons on the school premises, partner schools or in the student housing.

Under these exceptional circumstances, the ejected party is not entitled to any form of monetary compensation.

M- Safety Terms.

The Provider is not liablefor the Trainee’s safety at any time.